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Add client support for GNU/Linux (Even Ubuntu would be good)

I know this is a really niche market, but it would be amazing if you could create a client that could collect basic information for start.

Basic information extraction

You could package your client with hw-probe tool ( and use that information as a basis for reported information.

As an attachment, I added some test data which you can use for analysis, it's collected from my HP Elitebook 820 G3.


Host, collects the operating system information and mobo and cpu host has.

Devices, lists information about the hardware which is connected to the device.

Other information what you can extract by using linux commands:

uwf status -> is firewall active


This all could be run as a systemd service and distribution via your own deb repository (or snap package

OOOOR admin just adds this to be run regularly as a cron job.

  • Juho Yliriesto
  • Feb 17 2021
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